The one thing that is in abundance in India – is the ‘arts’ and ‘culture’.  What  never ceases to amaze me is the quality of creativity displayed by everyday people.. So, when I met with Rahim, an average auto-rickshaw driver, who produces these amazing pieces of work, I was simply bowled over.  There are many Rahims who are trapped in the daily demands of making ends meet and never get to put their full energy in something they are good at. Here on this page, I aim to start featuring some of these artists – in the hope of raising the profile of their work.

Meeting Athira was really one of those sublime moments that I’ll always remember. Fresh and honest – is how I would describe her talent. She trained in Kerala Mural painting – traditional art that is mainly done by men. Hugely talented, her work is extremely polished, poised, confident. I connected with her work straight away – though this is not the genre that I normally go for.

Ananda Nadanam

  1. Srinivas said:

    Hi, I would like to connect to Athira, the Kerala mural art artist. I agree with you that her work looks very interesting. Could you connect me to her please? I would like to explore commissioning some work from her.
    best regards, Srinivas

    • Hi Srinivas
      My sincere apologies for this super delay in coming back to you. Are you still interested in Athira’s work? Are you an artist?
      Many thanks

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