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Now where did you get that hat

Heading for the wedding making that splash

The distant stare that takes me anywhere you lead

On down the rivulets of my imagining on

Course for your sea succour me in

Now where did you get that bow

From a bouquet teasing it all for

Show tempting my fascination arousing my

Agitation my lurking temptation securing

My distraction my phantom consummation

Now where did you get that hair

Standing proud I’d find you

Anywhere is that the inner you turned

Inside out to full view drawing me into

Your boudoir your deep enchanting couloir

Enraptured sisters this brother you captured

His sanity fractured with all to play

For no thing left to lose yet…

Let me be not forced to choose

Nick Price

A new leaf indeed.

Last thursday, 14th July, I held an arts workshop for a group of women in Sunderland after nearly a gap of 20 years or more.  Whilst I was excited on one hand, I was equally nervous.   I gave a little pointer that they can select one or two items that they wished to incorporate into their art work or to simply inspire them.  Using that as a starting point, the women began working on their pieces.  Some were sure what they wanted to say, some were exploring the mediums of gels, the glue, paints, glitter, photos, magazine cuttings etc.  But once they got going, I saw women finding their own ways to express themselves using the array of objects, paints, materials I had laid out for them. This was a short workshop for an hour or so, but I really enjoyed sharing some of the techniques with the women, watching them slowly unfold their stories through colours, patterns and textures.


This prompted me to start this blog as a way of sharing what artsconnectUK is looking at, its views and its work, but also to share some personal creative work.